Thursday Thirteen

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(I apologize for all the bajillion posts today–I’m messing with the new blog which requires lots of posts)

Thirteen Things about me because Bookshelf Elf tagged me

1. I’m a plus sized girl
2. My husband paints my toenails
3. I dream right before I wake up in the morning
4. It’s over 100 degrees where I live
5. Fiddling with code and websites makes me headachey
6. I love the radio show “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me”
7. I drive two hours a day during the school year
8. I usually wear jeans–like 90% of the time, even to work
9. I have a strange fetish for office supplies
10. I read young adult books, and I love them
11. I have all the seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD
12. I have an Anne Bonny action figure (and I <3 my friend desertbell)
13. My kids' artwork covers the walls in my hallway and much of my living room, instead of the "real" stuff

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150 Books, May’s End

Originally published at Seducing Seshat. Please leave any comments there.

Part of me really wants to count this awesome Harry Potter fanfic I’m reading–it’s easily novella length. But anyway…

# Succubus Blues, Richelle Mead (excellent)
# Broken, Megan Hart (another fantastic book)
# Carnival, Elizabeth Bear
# Double Fudge, Judy Blume
# Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman
# The Finishing School, Michele Martinez
# Wolf Tales, Kate Douglas
# The Gunslinger Born part 3, Peter David and co.
# The Gunslinger Born part 4, Peter David and co.
# The Grail King, Joy Nash
# The Ghost Brigades, John Scalzi

I didn’t really read a bad book this month, though The Finishing School left me a bit irritated with the retarded romance angle. She should have stuck to the mystery and left the heavy handed lurve story alone. But otherwise, good stuff all around.

I’m also testing my wordpress to lj thingy, so if this goes awry, blame Canada.



Livejournal's CEO apologized for the whole deleting journals thing here.

I'm glad there is a thought behind things, not just "hey some group says they don't like these journals so we'll get rid of them!"

I don't envy the position of anyone who has to chose between freedom and safety, but I hope next time they err a lot more on the side of freedom.

Slightly related: I'm in the process of moving my "professional self" over to Wordpress. I'll let you know when I have more to say about that. :)

No one left to speak for me

I think pedophilia is wrong and bad and those people should be put away.

I also think freedom of speech is the most valuable freedom I have as an American. I believe that to the extreme, actually, down to Imus and company. I don't like what they say, but then again, lots of them don't like what I say, either.

I believe in a child's right to grow up without being assaulted. Shit I believe in an ADULT's right to not be assaulted. But that doesn't mean I think Eminem should be silenced when he talks about touching little boys and pushing pregnant women down the stairs.

And I think that the LJ deletion thing is a bunch of bullshit, too. I was hoping it was just rumor, until I came across this post:

I have stuff on my interest list that is illegal in some states, and subversive in most. AND I like the LOTR movies. Look out, I might be next!!

Back up your journals, folks, this one looks legit and you never know who you might offend next!
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It is so frikking hot where I live now. Bleh. Even the dogs want to hang inside, which never happens during the winter.

And summer has officially begun, judging by the playstation I hear in the other room. Writing will be come that much more challenging, but I will prevail!

Those of you with Google smarts--my site has totally disappeared if you google "amelia june". I know it is in their database and being crawled, but for some reason it just vanished--even six and seven pages in you can't find the main site. WTF?? All kinds of other references and this blog come up, but not the main site. So...irritating.

Lastly--I just finished The Grail King by Joy Nash. I met her at RT and snagged a signed copy of her book after it won the best historical award there. I really enjoyed it, actually, though I'm not usually a fan of historical romance. Something about Druids does it for me, I guess--all that magic and sex and hot hairy action :) Guess I'm behind the curve on Arthurian-era stuff. Anyway, I recommend it for a fast and sexy read with real meat behind it, plot-wise. Can't wait for her Immortals book to come out!
writers do it


Husband kindly took the baby swimming so I could write this morning, and the result was about 1500 on the Jason Factor sequel.

I love that guy. (by that I mean Jason Bell AND my husband, LOL)

Who wouldn't love a hot and oversexed bounty hunter at their beck and call?
writers do it


Triple X is on the best seller list at eXtasy. I think I could faint, or something. Thanks to all of you who bought a copy--you rule the school :)

And if you haven't bought a copy yet, here's a handy buy link (thanks to authorm for reminding me that it is helpful to post a buy link, LOL.

My friend and fellow Whisperette Veronica has a new release today, too--a cheap read that is sure to please (and I know, I've read her stuff. She's naughty.) Here's her handy buy link.

The other Whisperettes, PG Forte and Melissa Glisan also have newish releases and up and comers. Check out our website for all the skinny--I happen to be in league with some amazing writers, lucky me!!

I thought I'd post an excerpt of Triple X, since it is Friday and I'm in a good mood.

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